Education System in Montserrat

Primary Education

Education on the Caribbean Island of Montserrat is based on the British model, is free up to age 17, and is compulsory from age 4 to 14. The first 6 of these years take place at primary school.

Secondary Education

Secondary school begins nominally at age 11 and lasts for a further 4 years. The emphasis in on academic subjects, and the final test the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate.

Vocational Education

The Montserrat Technical College offers technical and vocational education to those who graduate from secondary schools.

Tertiary Education

Montserrat EducationAlthough the Island is too poor to own its own University, there are several opportunities open to students without having to travel abroad.

They are supported locally by the University of the West Indies illustrated here (mainly through distant learning) and previously by the American University that was badly damaged by the volcanic eruption.

However in reality there are few really great opportunities on the Island. The best students study overseas, and seldom return to settle at home.

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