Education System in Montenegro

Primary Education

Education in the Adriatic country of Montenegro, sandwiched between Serbia, Albania and Bosnia Herzegovina is free and compulsory between age 6 and 14. The first 4 years of fundamental education take place at primary school.

Middle Education

The common academic curriculum continues at middle school. Upon completion of this many young people enter the job market, because it is no longer compulsory for them to learn.

Secondary Education

Those who choose to continue with their education discover fresh opportunities. Now they can choose between 4 years of academic education at gymnasiums, or 3 to 4 years at professional schools. Both options provide a high school diploma when complete.

Vocational Education

Young adults who prefer a narrower high school education may enroll at a range of vocational schools, where programs normally take 3 years. These include primary-school teacher training, trades education and artistic schools.

Tertiary Education

Montenegro EducationTertiary education opportunities include higher education colleges where diplomas equivalent to bachelor degrees are awarded, and higher technical schools where 2 to 4 years programs are provided.

There are also 2 universities, namely the University of Montenegro and the University of the Mediterranean. The former, which is located in Podgorica and is illustrated here, was established in 1974 and has 20 faculties, and 3 scientific research institutes.

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