Moldova Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat de Studii GimnazialeCertificate of Secondary EducationSubscribe
AdeverinţăCertificate of Professional QualificationSubscribe
Diplomă de BacalaureatBaccalaureate DiplomaSubscribe
Atestat de Studii Medii de Cultură GeneralăCertificate of General Secondary EducationSubscribe
Atestat de MaturitateCertificate of MaturitySubscribe
Certificat de Studii Secundare ProfessionaleCertificate of Professional Secondary SchoolSubscribe
Diplomă de Bacalaureat with a professional qualificationBaccalaureate Diploma with a professional qualificationSubscribe
Diplomă de Studii Superiorare de Scurtă DuratăDiploma of Short Program in Higher EducationSubscribe
Diplomă de TechnologiiDiploma of TechnologySubscribe
Diplomă de InginerDiploma of EngineerSubscribe
Diplomă de Studii SuperiorareDiploma of Higher EducationSubscribe
Diplomă de LicentăDiploma of LicentiateSubscribe
Diplomă de Doctor-VeterinarDiplima in Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Diplomă de Doctor-MedicDiploma of Doctor of MedicineSubscribe
Diplomă de Doctor-StomatologDiploma of Doctor-DentistSubscribe
Diplomă de MagistruMaster's DiplomaSubscribe
Diplomă de DoctorDiploma of DoctorSubscribe
Diplomă de Doctor HabilitatDoctor of Applied ScienceSubscribe
Diplomă de Doctor in ŞtiinţeDoctor of Science DiplomaSubscribe

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