Education System in Micronesia

Primary Education

There is not a great deal to be said about education in Micronesia, beyond the bald fact that it is supposed to be compulsory for 8 years. In this poor country, 18.4% of youngsters get as far as  college, 32% make it to high school and 36% just to elementary school, while the rest never go to school at all. The 6 years of elementary education are free.

Middle Education

Secondary Education

The balance of the mandatory 8 years takes place at secondary school. There are 5 of these, one per island, and they complete their curriculum of science, mathematics, language arts, social studies, and physical education there. There are also private secondary schools for those who are able to pay.

Vocational Education

Vocational training in a variety of skills is available from the Micronesian Occupational College on Pilau, and the Pohnpei Agricultural and Trade School on the island of that same name.

Tertiary Education

Micronesia EducationPost secondary education is available from the College of Micronesia in Pohnpei illustrated here. It offers 2- and 3-year associate degrees, and other, shorter programs.

It serves approximately 550 students enrolled for associate degrees in hospitality & tourism management, telecommunication technology, electronics technology, and building technology, and certificate programs in bookkeeping, secretarial science, law enforcement, health assistant training, and trial counseling.

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