Education System in Mayotte

Primary Education

There is a fundamental tension between culture on this Indian Ocean Island and traditional western education standards. Here native children are not only buffeted by the teaching language which remains French, but also by the contrast between the academic material and their nation’s conformingly collective worldview. Education is compulsory and free from ages 6 to 16. The first 5 years of this are spent at primary school.

Secondary Education

The second 5 years of free compulsory education are spent at secondary school where the curriculum continues with an academic flavor. Despite exceptional efforts to roll-out school facilities, over 50% of students fail their first high school exams, and drift away. Many of these fail to find employment later either.

Tertiary Education

Mayotte EducationPost-secondary education opportunities on Mayotte are limited to training choices in common skills.

As a result of this, students either study on neighboring Reunion Island, or pursue their degrees across the sea in France.

And so just the children of the wealthy few share tertiary education opportunities off the Island, while the children of the poor may experience little more than the level of primary school illustrated here.

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