Education System in Mauritius

Primary Education

The Mauritian education system is based on the British model and has remained a priority since independence. It is also free in principle at state institutions. Children enter primary school at age 5, where they study for 6 years towards their certificate of primary education in languages that include English, French, Geography, History, Mathematics and Science.

Secondary Education

The 6-years of secondary schooling adhere to the British model too. After the first 4 of these, students write their O-Levels in at least 6 subjects. If they wish to, they may remain on for the final 2 years, in preparation for the A-Level examinations administered by the University of Cambridge.

Vocational Education

The industrial training board is an ISO9001-Certified para-statal that provides training, consulting and train-the-trainer services throughout Mauritius. It exists to enhance the island nation’s skill base.

Tertiary Education

Mauritius EducationThere are a number of tertiary institutions on Mauritius, including institutes of education, and of traditional studies. Other facilities include distance learning centers and polytechnics.

The most venerable of all is the University of Mauritius founded in 1965 and depicted here. It has undergone rapid expansion recently, and now boasts faculties of agriculture, engineering, law & management, science, and social sciences & humanities. There are also centers for distance education, medical research & studies, information systems & technology, and consulting services.

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