Education System in Kyrgyzstan

Primary Education

School education in Kyrgyzstan is compulsory for the first 9 years, from approximately age 7 to age 15. Following an optional period at a private or state kindergarten, children enroll for the first part of their basic education at primary school for 4 years, continuing to follow the soviet model to a large extent.

Middle Education

The system continues with the final phase of basic education at middle school for 5 years, at the end of which it is hoped that the student will be well prepared for either secondary education, or preparing for a first job.

Secondary Education

The first of 2 years of secondary school are compulsory too, although many students skip this opportunity. There are three streams, namely general secondary school, specialized secondary school, and vocational / technical school. Those who finally complete the process are sadly but a small portion of the total population.

Vocational Education

The government has invested heavily in ongoing adult education in an attempt to ease the transition to a new emerging socio-economic environment. Skills remain scarce though, and there remains much to be done in a landlocked country on the border of China.

Tertiary Education

The post-school education process in Kyrgyzstan is complex, and includes a network of opportunities. Primary professional education is provided through short courses and at work. Kyrgyzstan EducationSecondary professional education is through colleges and technicums for up to 4 years, of which 2 are exempt if secondary school has been completed. Academies, institutes, higher colleges and universities provide undergraduate and graduate programs.

Of these the oldest is Kyrgz State Technical University that was established in 1954. Its faculties include information technology, power, transport & machine construction, technology, management & business, and mining & mountain technologies.

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