Grading System for Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology

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Matching grading scales:

University Common II

Grade Grade Description US Grade
A Excellent (Sangat Baik) A
A- Good (Baik) A-
B+ Good (Baik ) B+
B Good (Baik ) B
B- Average (Cukup) B-
C+ Average (Cukup ) C+
C Average (Cukup) C
C- Deficient (Kurang) C-
D+ Deficient (Kurang) D+
D Deficient (Kurang) D
D- Deficient (Kurang) D-
E Unsatisfactory (Gagal) F

Institut Teknologi Bandung

Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade
A 80.00 - 100.00 Exceptional A
AB 73.00 - 79.00 Excellent AB
B 65.00 - 72.00 Good B
BC 57.00 - 64.00 Satisfactory BC
C 50.00 - 56.00 Sufficient C
D 44.00 - 49.00 Poor D
E 0.00 - 43.00 Fail F

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