Haiti Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat ďEtudes PrimairesCertificate of Primary StudiesSubscribe
Brevet ďEnseignement FondamentalCertificate of Fundamental StudiesSubscribe
Brevet élémentaire du Premier CycleElementary Certificate of First CycleSubscribe
Certificat ďAptitude ProfessionelleCertificate of Professional EducationSubscribe
Brevet SupérieurAdvanced CertificateSubscribe
Certificat de Fin d'Études Secondaire Classiques, Première PartieCertificate of Completion of Classical Secondary Studies Part 1Subscribe
Certificate de Fin d'Études Secondaire, Deuxième PartieCertificate of Completion of Classical Secondary Studies Part IISubscribe
Diplôme ďInstituteurTeacher DiplomaSubscribe
Diplôme de TechnologieTechnology DiplomaSubscribe
Diplôme ďEcole Normale SupérieureHigher Normal DiplomaSubscribe
Diplôme ďInfirmièreNursing DiplomaSubscribe
Diplôme de Fin ďEtudesDiploma of Completion of StudiesSubscribe
Licence / Licence ProfessionnelleLicentiate / Professional LicentiateSubscribe
Diplôme de Docteur en DentisteDiploma of Doctor of DentistrySubscribe
Diplôme de Docteur en MédecineDiploma of Doctor of MedicineSubscribe
MaîtriseMaster's DegreeSubscribe
DoctoratDoctorate DegreeSubscribe

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