Education System in Guam

Primary Education

The education system of Guam off the China mainland near Korea is modeled on the American system in that school is compulsory between the age of 5 and 16, and the medium of education is English. Primary schooling takes 6 years. Most Guam schools have religious associations. American military personnel maintain their own structures.

Secondary Education

Those young people with university aspirations or wealthy parents continue on to secondary schools. Some of these are well-equipped to western standards, and prepare the students for their O- and A-Levels.

Tertiary Education

Guam EducationPost-secondary facilities include the Guam Community College, and the University of Guam. The latter, which was founded in 1952 as a teacher training school and is illustrated here, has approximately 3,500 students and a variety of faculties.

These include liberal arts & social sciences, humanistic studies, english and applied linguistics, social & behavioral sciences, communication & fine arts, natural and applied sciences, business & public administration, education, and nursing social work & health sciences. Most offer bachelors and masters degrees.

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