Education System in Falkland Islands

Primary Education

The Falklands Islands are a small, close knit community with a single primary and secondary school. Education is highly subsidized and the education system, which is free and compulsory to age 16, follows the British model closely. The first 6 years are spent at infant junior school where each classroom is well equipped with multi-media facilities to complement a well-stocked central library.

Secondary Education

The Falklands Islands Secondary School was opened in 1992 and is similarly well-equipped with science laboratories, and facilities for additional subjects like music, art, information technology, business studies, design technology, home economics and needle art. Students who receive a Grade C or better with their General Certificate of Education after 4 more years of study, are funded to study further for their O-Levels overseas.

There are also 3 rural satellite schools serving remoter areas. Here the medium is electronic distance-learning reinforced by rotating teacher visits.

Tertiary Education

Falkland Islands EducationHer Majesty’s government is generous to her young adult citizens living on these isolated islands. Children who do well at school are encouraged to travel to the United Kingdom to study further at tertiary level, where they may obtain a national vocational qualification, or even a degree. It is unlikely that the Falkland Islands will ever have their own university.

And thus the Falklands Islands Secondary School illustrated here remains the tiny nation’s academic hub, with dedicated teachers, and a library and heated swimming pool shared generously with other villagers.

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