Education System in Dominica

Primary Education

In Dominica early missionaries and the religious institutions they left behind have played a role in education for centuries, and a state / private partnership continues to this day. Opportunities begin with a network of Roman Catholic daycare centers / preschools until the age of 5. Thereafter children attend primary school for 8 grades.

Secondary Education

The final 2 years of the school education system complete at state secondary schools. Students who wish to go on to university (and whose parents can afford it) may continue on to 12th grade at private schools, and obtain an advanced level certificate. Unfortunately, these schools are all in larger wealthier urban centers, and there are few bursaries for those who hope to break the chains of rural poverty.

Vocational Education

There are a number of state-funded technical colleges where young people may complete trade training in all traditional disciplines. These too, though, are more often than not situated in more densely-populated  places.

Tertiary Education

Dominica State College, The University of the West Indies does not have a campus on Dominica and until recently all students had to travel across the oceans to obtain degrees. There have however been 3 lower-level tertiary institutions on the island for some time, namely the Dominica State College, the School of Nursing and the Dominica Teachers Training College.

The State College established in 2002 is continuing to grow, and is finally moving towards full university status by beginning to award bachelors degrees in nursing. Plans are afoot to extend this role.

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