Education System in Djibouti

Primary Education

Djibouti is a tiny coastal enclave on the Horn of Africa across the Red Sea from Yemen. It is a poor country that hopes someday to achieve its goal of free education for all. The school system is based on ideas exported from France. The medium of education is French. Primary schooling takes 5 years with gender parity still poor.

Middle Education

Middle education takes a further 4 years, and completes the compulsory schooling period. The curriculum comprises a spread of traditional academic subjects. One quarter less of females benefit than males.

Secondary Education

The three years of secondary school complete the options for young people unless their parents can afford to send them on to university or higher technical school. One-quarter of secondary schools are privately administered, and are noticeably superior to government ones.

Vocational Education

Technical education lasts for 3 years and leads to the award of diplomas. Alternatively, young people may attend a vocational school for 2 years and acquire hands-on job-related skills instead.

Tertiary Education

Djibouti EducationThe University of Djibouti illustrated here is the country’s only tertiary education institution. It provides undergraduate and graduate programs through its faculties of pure sciences, life sciences, civil & industrial engineering, and liberal arts.

A high standard of tuition is maintained through carefully selected teaching staff, and visits by leading foreign academics.

The university is known colloquially as Universite´de Djibouti. The language medium is French.

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