Education System in Czechoslovakia

Primary Education

The Czech Republic is making good progress with its aspiration to have a world class education system. Everything is free and currently schooling between age 6 and 15 is compulsory too. Basic schooling is from stages 1 to 9, with the first 5 years spent at primary school.

Middle Education

Following this initial period the remaining 4 years of basic school are spent at gymnásium general school leading to avysvědčení primary school leaving certificate.

Secondary Education

Following this period students’ education options diverge. They may remain on at gymnasium general schools, or switch to a secondary technical or vocational school. The first prepare pupils for higher education, the second for training at polytechnic-type colleges, and the third for professional activities. All culminate in the award of a maturitní zkouška or a maturita diploma.

Vocational Education

This is by no means the end of educational opportunities for those who elect to go on to immediate employment. The Czech government has put numerous plans in place to ensure that vocational improvement remains an ongoing right, through a variety of private and public vocational training colleges.

Tertiary Education

Czech Republic EducationThere are 3 classes of tertiary education institutions. Tertiary professional schools offer diplomas mainly in health care and economics. Higher educationnon-university types offer bachelors degrees and sometimes masters degrees too. Only true universities provide doctoral study programs as well. Some of these are public, some are state and some are privately funded. All are centrally regulated though, and all are at least partly financed by the state. 

The Palacký University of Olomouc was established in 1573 by the Jesuit Order. Following second world war chaos it was re-inaugurated in 1946.

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