Croatia Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Svjedodžba o osnovnom obrazovanjuCertificate of Primary EducationSubscribe
Svjedodžba o završenom srednjem obrazovanjuCertificate of Completed Secondary EducationSubscribe
Svjedodžba o zavrsnom ispituCertificate of Final ExaminationSubscribe
Svjedodžba o završenom srednjem strukovnom obrazovanjuCertificate of Vocational Secondary EducationSubscribe
Diploma i Strucni NazivDiploma and professional titleSubscribe
Diplomirani i Strucni NazivGraduate Diploma and professional titleSubscribe
Diploma i Strucni Naziv SpecijalistDiploma and Professional Specialist TitleSubscribe
Doktor MedicineDoctor of MedicineSubscribe
Doktor StomatologijeDoctor of Stomatology (Dentistry)Subscribe
Doktor VeterineDoctor of Veterinary MedicineSubscribe
Diploma i Akademski Naziv MagistarDiploma and Academic Title of MasterSubscribe
Doktor znanosti i umjetnostiDoctor of Science & ArtsSubscribe

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