Education System in Canada

Primary Education

Education in Canada is both privately and publicly funded, and parents and children can choose the schools that they prefer. Moderating is done by provinces and, although approaches may vary in nuance, standards are universally high. Young children often spend 1 - 2 years voluntarily in kindergarten. From age 6 they enroll for 6 years of compulsory primary school education.

Secondary Education

There is no distinction between middle and high school. Most Canadian youngsters complete their school education through to grade 12, where after they may proceed on to vocational or tertiary studies. The Canadian academic year runs from September through to June, although in some cases January admissions are allowed.

Vocational Education

Following secondary school, students with a practical take on life prefer to continue with vocational education. Offerings range from individual courses through to technician and artisan training that takes 2 to 3 years..

Tertiary Education

Canada EducationCanada is justifiably proud of its universities and colleges. There is no formal ranking system though, and choices are often based on geographic convenience and the reputation of a particular course.

Of the 36 universities in Canada, 8 are privately funded and 1 (Montreal) uses French as the medium of instruction. Student from all over the world come to Canada for their tertiary education, and Canadian degrees are recognized everywhere.

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