Education System in Brunei

Primary Education

Education is the South East Asian land of Brunei is free throughout including university abroad, although not compulsory. Everything is free for citizens, including hostels, food, textbooks and transport. Following one year at pre-primary, children enroll at primary school for a further 6 years. They are required to write national tests halfway through this period, and at the end.

Middle Education

The following 3 years are spent at middle school, after which students write their Brunei junior certificate of education examinations. Their results determine how their remaining years at school unfold.

Secondary Education

Students who obtain adequate passes at middle school, spend 2 to 3 years at secondary school accumulating sufficient O-Levels to study further. Those who succeed, may write their A-Levels another 2 years later.

Vocational Education

Others who complete middle school go on to vocational schools instead. Depending on their level these are called technical or craft colleges. Qualifications available include nursing, agriculture and primary school teaching.

Tertiary Education

Brunei EducationThere are a number of lower-order tertiary education institutions in Brunei, including institutes, technical colleges, training centers and colleges. If local facilities are not available then the government pays for overseas education instead.
The senior education center is the University of Brunei Darussalam, which was established in 1985 and is illustrated here. It has 3 missions – to educate, to conduct research, and to serve to broader community. Its faculties include arts & social sciences, business economics & policy studies, science, language, health sciences, education, and Brunei studies.

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