Education System in Bermuda

Primary Education

Education on the Caribbean Island of Bermuda is compulsory from age 5 to 18, and free too if attending a state school as 60% of pupils do. Primary schools are arranged by zones, within which children are supposed to study a general academic curriculum for the next 5 years.

Middle Education

The 5 middle schools in Bermuda admit students in accordance with educational preferences and primary school results. The curriculum includes core academic subjects, and other choices including business studies, arts and technology.

Secondary Education

The 2 public secondary schools in Bermuda were both built in the past 10 years and have an impressive range of facilities. Their wide range of subjects offered provide a variety of ways, in which to accumulate the 104 points needed for the Bermuda school certificate, after 4 years of study.

Vocational Education

A national training board ensures the sustainability of the workforce by enforcing internationally recognized standards, while presenting own training programs too.

Tertiary Education

Bermuda College While Bermuda does not have any 4-year universities or colleges, the Bermuda College does offer various associate degree courses and other certificate programs. The nation is however moving towards the University of the West Indies collective model, that will allow its young people to receive university subsidies.
In the interim, the Bermuda College illustrated here plugs the gap with education in the fields of applied science and technology, business administration and hospitality, the liberal arts, and through a center for professional and career education.

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