Education System in Aruba

Primary Education

The education system on this island in the Antilles is modeled on the Dutch one, and accommodates different aptitudes. Where provided by the state it is completely free too. Following kindergarten that is optional children attend private school from age 6 to 12, where they are introduced to a balanced academic program.

Secondary Education

There are four choices at secondary school level each administered by a separate education board. These include vocational and general secondary education (each 4 years), higher general secondary education (form 5), and pre-university education (form 6).

Vocational Education

Students who are not academically orientated may opt for vocational training instead of secondary school. This is blended with employment periods and split into a lower and a higher level too. In this way, all children in Aruba are equitably provided for.

Tertiary Education

Aruba EducationThere are 2 private medical schools, namely All Saints University of Medicine, and Xavier University School of Medicine that is illustrated here. Both are affiliated with universities and hospitals in America.

Other higher education goals may be followed at the University of Aruba. It has faculties of law, accounting finance & marketing, hospitality & tourism management, and arts & science. Students who enroll there come from Aruba, the greater Caribbean, and from South America.

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