Education System in Anguilla

Primary Education

The Anguillan education system is based largely on the British model, and is free for all, although it is only compulsory from an age 5 to 15, which heralds the end of lower secondary school. The first 6 years are spent at primary school, where the core curriculum is arts, mathematics, social studies, and physical education. Co-curriculum choices include music, arts, and technology.

Middle Education

The Anguillan lower secondary school program which is academic in nature, takes 3 years to complete. This often marks the point where jobs take priority over studying further.

Secondary Education

There is one secondary (comprehensive) school located in the capital city known as The Valley. Here students study for 4 years before writing their Caribbean Examination Council version of O-Levels. Should they achieve 4 passes including English and Math, then they may remain on for a further 2 years to complete their A-Levels that are worth credits at most American universities.

Vocational Education

The comprehensive school also provides pre-vocational training in music, expressive creative & industrial arts, home economics and hotel professions. Adult education is receiving on-going attention under management of a national coordinator too.

Tertiary Education

Anguilla EducationThe University of the West Indies maintains an Open Campus in the Anguillan capital of The Valley, where a multi-modal delivery system allows students to study while also working.

Undergraduate degrees are awarded in educational leadership & management, teaching, mathematics, business & finance, accounting and management studies. Graduate programs include diplomas in instructional design and literacy, and masters in education and literacy instruction.

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