Education System in Angola

Primary Education

Angola has been rocked by civil wars since independence, and only now is the country’s education beginning to return to normality. Primary education lasts for 4 years, which is the only compulsory phase.

Secondary Education

In the urban areas and larger rural settlements there are secondary schools where traditional academic subjects are presented for 7 years. This marks the end of the state-sponsored education program in Angola.

Vocational Education

Vocational training is receiving significant government support as elements of an industrialized nation emerge. A new concept of sustainable vocational training centers is being rolled out in conjunction with foreign governments.

Tertiary Education

Angola UniversityLess than 0.7% of Angolan youth attend University in the country. The Universidade Agostinho Neto illustrated here was founded soon after independence on the back of existing colonial facilities. It gradually extended to over 40 facilities dispersed throughout the country, that were subsequently decentralized again.

There are several private and religious Universities in Luanda linked to European institutions. An Islamic one is being established with assistance from Saudi Arabia.

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