Education System in Andorra

Primary Education

Education in the Principality of Andorra, that's land-locked between France and Spain is complicated by the fact that the nation is a mixture of 3 very different cultures. Roughly 1/3rd of school-age children attend each of the Andorran-, French- and Spanish-medium schools. The government provides the facilities and the Andorran-speaking teachers. Schools that want Spanish or French ones provide their own. Within this complicated structure education following the Spanish curriculum is compulsory through to age 16. Primary schooling accounts for 6 years of the 12 year program.

Secondary Education

Of the average 5,500 children who were enrolled at primary school in any given year, less than 47% of those who qualify attend a secondary school. Here they have the choice of following a general program, a technical program, or one designed for special needs.

Tertiary Education

Andorra EducationUniversity students choose between studying at the University of Andorra or in either Spain or France, and again they do so in approximately equal numbers.

The University of Andorra illustrated here and founded in 1997 has a small enrollment and offers mainly long-distance programs, although it does also have its own graduate schools of nursing and computer science.

Its most popular programs are business administration, nursing and education science.

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