Education System in Albania

Primary Education

The Albanian literacy rate hovers at around 99% and efforts are ongoing to maintain this. Although education is only compulsory for the first 9 grades, most young people stay on through to grade 12. The academic year, divided into two semesters begins in september / october and ends in june / july. Primary education lasts for 9 years following a non-mandatory period spent at preschool.

Secondary Education

Secondary education known as regular takes a further three years to complete. The focus is on academic teaching and preparation for university. Many schools have recently been rebuilt and are being equipped with modern technologies.

Vocational Education

Vocational education, which is an alternative to regular school takes between 2 to 5 years depending on whether a simple diploma or a full trade qualification is desired. Considerable effort by the state in this direction is adding muscle to a growing economy.

Tertiary Education

Albania EducationThere are a significant number or universities in Albania both public and private, and these are well dispersed in the major cities. The University of Tirana was the first when founded in 1957, and today has a student population approaching 15,000 and a teaching staff of nearly 900.

 Its faculties include economic sciences, foreign languages, history & philology, medicine, natural sciences, law, social sciences, and physical education, and its international reputation is growing.

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