Sweden Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Slutbetyg från GrundskolaCompulsory Education Leaving CertificateOrder a Report - $9.99
Slutbetyg Från Komvux Adult Eduvation Leaving CertificateOrder a Report
Intyg om Allmän BehörighetCertificate of General CompetenceOrder a Report
Slutbetyg från GymnasieskolaFinal Grade of Secondary SchoolOrder a Report
FlyglärarexamenFlight Instructor CertificateOrder a Report
BildlärarexamenBachelor of Education in Art and DesignOrder a Report
Högskoleexamen i Grafisk DesignHogskoleexamen i Grafisk DesignOrder a Report
LågstadielärarexamenPrimary School Teacher CertificateOrder a Report
HögskoleexamenUniversity DiplomaOrder a Report
LantmästarexamenUniversity Diploma in Agriculture and Rural ManagementOrder a Report
TandhygienistexamenUniversity Diploma in Dental HygieneOrder a Report
HögskoleingenjörsexamenUniversity Diploma in EngineeringOrder a Report
MaskinteknikerexamenUniversity Diploma in Marine EngineeringOrder a Report
StyrmansexamenUniversity Diploma in Nautical SciencesOrder a Report
LärarexamenBachelor of EducationOrder a Report
Barn- och ungdomspedagogisk examenBachelor of Education in Child and Youth EducationOrder a Report
BarnavårdslärarexamenBachelor of Science in Early Childhood EducationOrder a Report
KandidatexamenBachelor's degreeOrder a Report
MagisterexamenDegree of MasterOrder a Report
MasterexamenDegree of MasterOrder a Report
Magisterexamen med ämnesbreddGeneral Master's DegreeOrder a Report
Magisterexamen med ämnesdjupMaster's Degree with SpecializationOrder a Report
DoktorsexamenDoctorateOrder a Report
LicentiatexamenLicentiate degreeOrder a Report
YrkesexamenProfessional ExaminationOrder a Report

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