Burkina Faso Credentials

CredentialEnglish TranslationUS Equivalence
Certificat ďEtudes PrimairesCertificate of Primary StudiesFree for Institutions
Certificat ďAptitude ProfessionnelleCertificate of Professional AbilityFree for Institutions
Brevet ďEtudes du Premier CycleCertificate of First Cycle StudiesFree for Institutions
Diplôme de Fin ďEtudes des Ecole Nationale des Enseignants du PrimaireNational School of Primary Teachers Diploma of End of StudiesFree for Institutions
Baccalauréat TechniqueBachelor of TechnologyFree for Institutions
Brevet ďEtudes ProfessionnellesCertificate of Professional StudiesFree for Institutions
BaccalaureateHigh School GraduateFree for Institutions
Diplôme Universitaire de TechnologieUniversity Diploma of TechnologyFree for Institutions
Diplôme ďEtudes Universitaires GénéralesDiploma of General University StudiesFree for Institutions
Technicien SupérieurHigher TechnicianFree for Institutions
Brevet de Technicien Supérieur ďEtatState Higher Technician CertificateFree for Institutions
LicenceLicentiateFree for Institutions
Licence ProfessionelleProfessional LicentiateFree for Institutions
Diplôme Universitaire de Technologie SupérieurUniversity Diploma of Higher TechnologyFree for Institutions
MaîtriseMasterFree for Institutions
Diplôme ďEtat de Docteur en MédecineState Diploma of Doctor of MedicineFree for Institutions
Diplôme ďEtudes ApprofondiesDiploma of Advanced StudiesFree for Institutions
Diplôme ďEtudes Supérieures SpécialiséesDiploma of Specialized Higher StudiesFree for Institutions
Maîtrise en DroitMaster of LawFree for Institutions
Master ProfessionnelleProfessional MasterFree for Institutions
Doctorat ďEtat en MédecineState Doctorate in MedicineFree for Institutions
Doctorat de Troisiême CycleDoctorate of Third CycleFree for Institutions
Doctorat ďEtatState DoctorateFree for Institutions

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