Education System in Poland

Primary Education

1 year of preschool education to stimulate primary reading skills and mathematics is compulsory. Thereafter children move on to primary school from ages 7 to 12. The first cycle of grades 1 – 3 are beginner phases (with a single teacher), while grades 4 – 6  introduce systemic learning. Subjects include art and music, crafts and technology, Polish, mathematics, .social and natural environment and physical education. Primary and secondary education are free.

Secondary Education

There are 2 streams in secondary education. General schools provide an education designed to dock with university programs. Vocational schools produce qualified workers while also providing general education.

Vocational Education

Should they wish to, students at vocational schools may proceed to post-secondary schools where they are trained as accountants , administrators,  computer specialists, nurses and librarians, to mention but a few.

Tertiary Education

Poland EducationPolish tertiary institutions include universities, economic and agricultural academies, and polytechnics. Warsaw is the primary academic centre in Poland and consequently attracts the largest number of academics.


Poland has a tertiary education tradition that dates back for centuries. The oldest university is the Academy of Kraków founded 1364, and there are 18 more besides. There are also numerous technical, medical and agricultural universities, not to mention subject-specific colleges for teaching, music, theological, economic and maritime skills.

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