Education System in Suriname

Primary Education

Education in Suriname is guaranteed by the state, although in practice religious institutions provide it at school level to a significant extent. Primary schooling of 6 years takes place at over 400 schools scattered throughout the country, although teacher competence is minimal in some.

Middle Education

Secondary education begins at middle school where an academic program including accounting, biology, mathematics and physics extends over 4 years.

Secondary Education

The most successful students are allowed to go on to secondary school where they complete their preparation for further study by following a 3-year academic program.

Vocational Education

Less successful students are diverted to vocational streams at the end of primary or middle school provided that they achieve a minimum standard. Streams include career-specific programs through to special education. Primary teachers are sourced from this group too.

Tertiary Education

Suriname EducationThe country’s higher education system includes 5 teacher training colleges, 5 higher professional institutes, and a number of research bodies.

The Anton de Kom University illustrated here was founded in 1968 and is the only state tertiary institution. It has faculties of medical sciences, technological sciences, and social sciences that include economics, education, law, public administration, sociology, and business management. There are also 5  research institutes with a wide spread of interests.

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