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The University of Salamanca, Madrid in Spain is believed to be the fifth oldest university in the world still operating. Government meddling that began in 1854 reduced its academic status considerably, although today things are improving again.

French Education Minister Luc Chatel has reached out for further cross-Channel concord, by proposing English foreign language education for French toddlers aged three.

Untouchables in India are fighting back for their right to an English Education and have a new champion among modern deities.

Australia Universities rely on foreign students to top-up student numbers. Will tighter immigration policies upset this balance?

Cuban education has made vast strides since the revolution and is regarded by UNICEF as one of the world's best. Although there are no student fees this does not mean that it is free.

Parents and educators alike in Ireland are pondering the importance of religious education as every cent in a school budget is turned over twice
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