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As Christchurch counts its dead and buries them, the true impact of the New Zealand earthquake on Christchurch education is revealed.

A report by the Chilean Education Ministry into nursery school education has galvanized President Sebastián Piñera into action

An Australian teacher nearly ran out of options in Tripoli when civil violence threatened and local staff abandoned her Libyan school.

The University of Bologna celebrated its 900th Anniversary in 1988, and continues to be a source of enviable academic excellence.

The University of Paris was established in the 12th Century and became the centre for European educational excellence. Shut down four times in periods of political turmoil, student riots in 1968 saw it finally disintegrate into thirteen different institutions two years later.

England's oldest University Oxford has been a seat of learning and controversy since 1096. This tradition continues to produce well-educated free-thinkers in demand throughout the world.
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