Immigration to the USA


United States has always been a very popular country for the immigrants from around the world. According to the information provided by Census Bureau in 2002, 11.5 percent of the USA population was born outside the US - close to the record 15 percent registered in 1910. The Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by Census Bureau indicates that number of foreign-born population reached 37.9 million in March 2007. Over 75 percent of the immigrants intend to stay in the United States. About 80 immigrants surveyed by Public Agenda said that even though the process of entering the US and adjusting to a new life is very long and painful, they will do it all over again if needed.

United States has earned a reputation of a country with unlimited opportunities. It is a common belief that every person can achieve their goals through high determination and hard work having freedom of choice, friendly environment, tolerance, and diversity.

However, there may be some obstacles and complications adjusting to a new life. One of the problems is recognition and understanding of the foreign education systems and qualifications. The main goal of Foreign Credits  is to help you get recognized in the United States. Our evaluators have extensive knowledge of different education systems around the world. We perform thorough case-by-case research on every submitted application to better match your education to the American standards. Reliable and standardized evaluations of foreign credentials, prepared by our professionals, are accepted by immigration, government and employment agencies, and many colleges and universities.  An equivalency report, prepared by our agency, can become your valuable asset for employment, enlistment, or continuing education in the United States. You can apply for a job or utilize credentials, earned in your native country, to save time and money for continuing education.

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