Grading System for Upper Alsace University

France GPA calculator

Matching grading scales:

Most Common Francophone

Grade Scale Grade Description US Grade Notes
THF 18.00 - 20.00 Highly Honorable with Praise (Très Honorable avec Felicitations du Jury ) A+ Rarely awarded
TB 16.00 - 17.99 Very Good - Highest Honors (Très Bien) A
B 14.00 - 15.99 Good - High Honors (Bien) A-
AB 12.00 - 13.99 Fairly Good - Honors (Assez Bien) B
P 10.00 - 11.99 Satisfactory (Passable) C
CP Sufficient (Passable) D Conceded pass if semester/yearly average of grades remains above 10
S Passing (Passable) S
E 0.00 - 9.99 Fail (Échec) F

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