East China University of Science and Technology


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Type: National
Established: 1952
Grading system
Shanghai, China Meilong Road 130
Shanghai ( 上海 ) 200237
Phone: 86-21-64252021


Assaulted on campus, paid medical bills, visa removed because of staff's mishandling

I was assaulted by a man who chocked me while I was walking back to my dorm at night. I was recovering from a leg injury at the time which the attack made worse. When I was able, I went to the students services office to report what happened and request medical treatment. Each time I wasn't listen to. The staff member in charge told me to go away because he was busy several times. I ended up going to the hospital and paying medical expenses myself. I went to the vice principles office to report what happened. I then had my visa removed by the dean of the foreign students program, Bao Hua. I was told by one of her staff that the vice principle had called her, and told her, "to make the problem go away." I was then given one day to leave my dorm. I then had pay for a hotel and a plane flight to leave the country unexpectedly while I was still getting treatment at the hospital.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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