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Other/Former Names: Taipei National University of the Arts
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Taiwan web rank: 8
Asia web rank: 54
Global web rank: 358

General Information

Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1982


Beitou District

Phone: 886 (2) 289 61000

Excellent and comprehensive program about arts and culture.

This program is offered by the Taipei National University of the Arts, one of the best in the field in Taiwan. It's an international program aimed mostly to international students, so all courses are taught in English and students come from all parts of the world, which makes classes and discussions about culture very enriching. The faculty has a very good level, with almost all professors having their PhDs in the USA and Europe. But what makes this program even more special is its curricula: very comprehensive but open enough to allow students (who come from many different backgrounds) to focus on the subject matters they are more interested in, whether it is performing arts, management, curatorialship, research, etc. And to make this program even more accessible to everyone, it offers full scholarships. Overall, I definitely recommend this program to every person interested in cultural and creative industries.

I would recommend Taipei National University of the Arts to a friend!

Great Introduction to Asian Creative Industries

The multidisciplinary IMCCI program is a perfect introduction to cultural and creative projects currently being developed in Taiwan and Asia. The professors bring in their expertise in their subjects and their wisdom is reflected in their syllabus and extra curricular activities planned around their classes. The IMCCI program is fairly new, though. The program is steadily growing learning from the students as well. TNUA in itself is an institution that prides itself in respecting and honing the traditional and fine arts to represent Taiwan around the world. This can be seen in their successful education of international stars of dance, painting, music, and theatre in major cultural institutions around Europe, East Asia, SE Asia, and North America.

I would recommend Taipei National University of the Arts to a friend!


The program has a very wrong idea of what art and education should be, the classrooms are more about hatred against the Chinese government and not really about art. You can't under any circumstance contradict the Professors' point of view or you will be psychologically abused or bullied. A very expensive program in exchange of a very dictatorial, non art related education.

I would NOT recommend Taipei National University of the Arts to a friend.

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