Kokushikan University


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Type: Private
Established: 1876
Grading system
Setagaya-Ku ( 世田谷区 ) 154-8515
Phone: 03-5481-3111



Everything with the teachers and professors was fine. Good educational support, provide guidance and information for education purposes. But on the other hand the staff support from the University department is nothing but a disappointment, a student pays $10,000 a year literally, entire savings if he/she works up to 4 days of part-time job per week while still attending University just to be treated like garbage. 学生対応相談室 literally meant discussion room for students and yet there is no discussion allowed. There is no warning no advisory of any kind and I failed a subject which caused me to waste a whole day every week for 1 period of class and leave. I asked the international Student support center for help(very helpful people by the way), and they asked me to visit the 学生対応相談室/教務課 which handles all student's grades revisions and class rescheduling, etc. FYI people here are the worse of the worse. SO called Japanese etiquette, treats students like trash and treats international students worse as they assume you don't speak Japanese well enough to talk to them. Your miss treated grades are not allowed to recheck as "controversy" even if it was my own grades. Only rules that you can't give any of your opinions. I advise whoever's planning to study in Japan to think twice before you do enter a University. Other mates from other University experienced same issue but didn't dare to complain as they are afraid their grades would be affected.

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