Dalian Medical University


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Type: Provincial
Established: 1947
Grading system
Dalian economic technological development zone
Dalian ( 大连 ) 116622



I had experienced hell at this university. I was sent there by Benedictine University for study abroad. I was told I would be taking 4 classes. once I got to Dalian I was provided 2 classes which I had taken in high school. My 1st room had cockroaches all over the rusted bathroom. The second room had a broken shower with no running water. We were not provided a clean room for 5 days. There is no wifi, only an extremely slow wired connection which you pay for your self. The washing machines are rusty and the entire building is falling apart. The worst part was that staff especially Sun-Yi is extremely disrespectful and unknowledgeable, she couldn't even help us contact our parents via our phones at a cell phone store. This place is an extreme joke and a waste of my parents money and my semester which I could have actually spent STUDYING!

Cons: poor academic reputation, expensive, unhelpful advisors, poorly maintained campus, limited networking opportunities, hard to register for classes, unfair faculty/instructors, outdated technology

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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