Universities in Ethiopia

This list includes universities, colleges, vocational schools, and other higher education institutions.
Ethiopian Catholic University of St Thomas Aquinas Ethiopian Catholic University of St Thomas AquinasAddis Ababa
Abay Health CollegeAbay Health College 
Abbiy Addi College of Teacher EducationAbbiy Addi College of Teacher EducationAbbiyi Adi
Adama Science and Technology UniversityAdama Science and Technology UniversityAdama
Addis Ababa Commercial CollegeAddis Ababa Commercial CollegeAddis Ababa
Addis Ababa Medical CollegeAddis Ababa Medical College 
Addis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers' Church Theological CollegeAddis Ababa Mulu Wongel Believers' Church Theological College 
Addis Ababa UniversityAddis Ababa UniversityAddis Ababa
Addis CollegeAddis CollegeAddis Ababa
Addis Continental Institute of Public HealthAddis Continental Institute of Public HealthKeble
Adoa College of Teacher EducationAdoa College of Teacher Education 
Africa Beza CollegeAfrica Beza CollegeShashemene
Africa University CollegeAfrica University College 
Afro-Canadian CollegeAfro-Canadian CollegeJimma
Alem Business CollegeAlem Business CollegeGofa
Alfa College of Distance EducationAlfa College of Distance Education 
ALKAN University CollegeALKAN University CollegeBahir Dar
Alpha University CollegeAlpha University CollegeAddis Ababa
Ambo UniversityAmbo UniversityAmbo
Arba Minch UniversityArba Minch UniversityArba Minch
Arbaminch College of Teacher Education Arbaminch College of Teacher Education Arba Minch
Arte Ethiopia CollegeArte Ethiopia CollegeAddis Ababa
Assosa UniversityAssosa UniversityAssosa
Atlanta CollegeAtlanta College 
Awasa Adventist CollegeAwasa Adventist CollegeAwasa
Awassa College of Teacher EducationAwassa College of Teacher EducationAddis Ababa
Aweliya collegeAweliya college 
Axum UniversityAxum UniversityAxum
Aysaita Teachers Education CollegeAysaita Teachers Education College 
Bahir Dar UniversityBahir Dar UniversityBahir Dar
Bale International UniversityBale International UniversityAddis Ababa
Betezta College of Medical ScienceBetezta College of Medical Science 
Blue nile collegeBlue nile collegeBahir Dar
Bule Hora UniversityBule Hora UniversityBule Hora
Central Health CollegeCentral Health CollegeAddis Ababa
Century University CollegeCentury University College 
Computer Science and Business CollegeComputer Science and Business CollegeAddis Adaba
CPU CollegeCPU CollegeAddis Adaba
Dandii Boruu University CollegeDandii Boruu University CollegeJimma
Debre Berhan UniversityDebre Berhan UniversityDebre Berhan
Debre Markos UniversityDebre Markos UniversityBahir Dar
Debre Tabor UniversityDebre Tabor University 
Defence University CollegeDefence University CollegeAddis Ababa
Dessie Teacher's Education CollegeDessie Teacher's Education CollegeDessie
Dilla UniversityDilla UniversityDilla
Dire Dawa UniversityDire Dawa UniversityDire Dawa
Dynamic International University CollegeDynamic International University CollegeAddis Ababa
Entoto TVET CollegeEntoto TVET CollegeMekelle
Eprom Technology CollegeEprom Technology College 
Ethiopian Civil Service UniversityEthiopian Civil Service UniversityAddis Ababa
Ethiopian Federal Police CollegeEthiopian Federal Police CollegeAddis Ababa
Ethiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City DevelopmentEthiopian Institute of Architecture Building Construction and City DevelopmentAddis Ababa
Ethiopian Management InstituteEthiopian Management Institute 
Ethiopian University CollegeEthiopian University College 
Evangelical Theological CollegeEvangelical Theological CollegeAddis Ababa
Gage University CollegeGage University College 
Gambella Teachers and Health Science CollegeGambella Teachers and Health Science College 
Grace College of Business and Computer ScienceGrace College of Business and Computer ScienceAddis Ababa
Haramaya UniversityHaramaya UniversityDire Dawa
Hashenge CollegeHashenge College 
Hawassa College of Health SciencesHawassa College of Health SciencesHawassa
Hawassa UniversityHawassa University 
HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology collegeHiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology collegeAddis Ababa
Hope University CollegeHope University CollegeAddis Ababa
Horn of Africa CollegeHorn of Africa College 
HZ collegeHZ college 
Infolink CollegeInfolink CollegeHawassa
Infonet CollegeInfonet CollegeAddis Ababa
Institute of Land AdministrationInstitute of Land AdministrationBahir Dar
International Leadership InstituteInternational Leadership InstituteAddis Ababa
Jethro Leadership & Management InstituteJethro Leadership & Management InstituteAddis Ababa
Jijiga UniversityJijiga UniversityJijiga
Jimma UniversityJimma UniversityJimma
Kisama Africa University CollegeKisama Africa University CollegeAddis Ababa
Kotebe Metropolitan UniversityKotebe Metropolitan University 
Kotebe Teachers' Education College/Kotebe College of Teacher EducationKotebe Teachers' Education College/Kotebe College of Teacher EducationKotebe
Kunuz CollegeKunuz College Addis Ababa
Lucy Water Technology CollegeLucy Water Technology College 
Maichew Technical CollegeMaichew Technical CollegeMachew town
Mars Engineering CollegeMars Engineering CollegeMekelle
Medawolabu UniversityMedawolabu University 
Medico Health CollegeMedico Health College 
Mekane Yesus Management and Leadership CollegeMekane Yesus Management and Leadership College 
Mekane Yesus SeminaryMekane Yesus SeminaryAddis Ababa
Mekelle College of Teacher EducationMekelle College of Teacher EducationMekelle
Mekelle Institute of TechnologyMekelle Institute of TechnologyMekelle
Mekelle Nursing SchoolMekelle Nursing SchoolMekelle
Mekelle UniversityMekelle UniversityMekelle
Menschen für Menschen Agrotechnical Training CollegeMenschen für Menschen Agrotechnical Training CollegeHarar
Meserete Kristos CollegeMeserete Kristos CollegeAddis Ababa
Metu UniversityMetu UniversityMetu
MicroLink Information Technology CollegeMicroLink Information Technology CollegeAddis Ababa
Mizan Tepi UniversityMizan Tepi UniversityMizan Teferi
National CollegeNational CollegeAddis Ababa
Nazareth College of Technical TeachersNazareth College of Technical Teachers 
New Abyssinia CollegeNew Abyssinia CollegeAddis Ababa
New Generation University CollegeNew Generation University CollegeAddis Ababa
New Millennium CollegeNew Millennium CollegeMekelle
Nifas Silk TVET CollegeNifas Silk TVET CollegeAddis Ababa
Nile CollegeNile CollegeMekelle
Omega Health CollegeOmega Health CollegeAddis Ababa
Orbit IT CollegeOrbit IT CollegeAddis Ababa
Pan African CollegePan African College 
PESC Information Systems CollegePESC Information Systems CollegeAddis Ababa
Poly Institute of TechnologyPoly Institute of TechnologyMekelle
Public Service College of OromiaPublic Service College of OromiaZeway
Queens' CollegeQueens' College 
Rift Valley University CollegeRift Valley University CollegeAddis Ababa
Royal CollegeRoyal CollegeAddis Ababa
SalaM Nurses CollegeSalaM Nurses College 
Samara UniversitySamara UniversitySamara
School of Fine Arts & DesignSchool of Fine Arts & DesignAddis Ababa
School of Medicine Laboratory TechnologySchool of Medicine Laboratory Technology 
School of Telecommunication & Information TechnologySchool of Telecommunication & Information TechnologyAddis Ababa
Selam Nursing CollegeSelam Nursing College 
Semera Health CollegeSemera Health CollegeSemera
Sheba Info Tech & Business CollegeSheba Info Tech & Business CollegeMekelle
SOFTNET Computer Science & Business CollegeSOFTNET Computer Science & Business College 
St. Mary's University CollegeSt. Mary's University CollegeAddis Ababa
St. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical CollegeSt. Paul's Hospital Millennium Medical CollegeAddis Ababa
Unity UniversityUnity UniversityAddis Ababa
Universal Technology CollegeUniversal Technology College 
University of GondarUniversity of GondarGondar
Urban Planning College (Ecole)Urban Planning College (Ecole)Addis Ababa
Wachamo UniversityWachamo UniversityHadiya Zone
Welkite UniversityWelkite UniversityWelkite
Wolaita Sodo UniversityWolaita Sodo UniversityWolaita Sodo
Wollega UniversityWollega UniversityNekemte
Wollo UniversityWollo UniversityKombolcha
Wondo Genet College of ForestryWondo Genet College of ForestryWondo Genet
አዲስ አበባ ሳይንስና ቴክኖሎጂ ዩኒቨርሲቲAddis Ababa Science and Technology UniversityAddis Ababa
አድማስ ዩኒቨርሲቲAdmas UniversityAddis Ababa

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