Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

Other/Former Names: Sydney Guitar School
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Australia web rank: 65
Oceania web rank: 84
Global web rank: 7977

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1968


1-51 Foveaux St.
Surry Hills
New South Wales

Phone: 61 (2) 9219 5444

Business rather than education. Might be good for contemporary musicians but not classical musicians

My sister studied in AIM (contemporary) and she thought it was great. HOWEVER, I am a classical musician and my experience with their admins was disappointing. I auditioned for AIM (both BMus - composition and BMus - performance). They only offered me the degree in composition but not performance. I deferred for a semester and told them I would give them a response before next semester starts. Then next semester comes, this time I also auditioned for QLD Con, sending a video with better sound quality, accompanist and repertoire choice. QLD got back to me that they are offering me both BMus - performance and composition. Since I want to study BMus - performance more, I told AIM I would decline their BMus - composition offer. The admin manager asked me whether I’d stay if they could offer me BMus - performance. I said I might consider (I’m from Sydney & all my friends/family are here). They told me to RE-APPLY, which normally means u send in a new video. I told them the sound quality & repertoire in my QLD Con audition video were much better and I can send them that. BUT to my surprise, they ask me to show them my offer letter instead from Qld Con. This is what the admin office said to me: no need to send me any video, just send me your offer letter from Qld Con & I will try to see if the teachers and see if they change their minds. This gives me a feeling that they are not wanting to take me as their student coz of how well I performed, but it’s coz another prestigious music school offered me a degree. So I told the admin that I’m set on Qld Con, they still was trying to convince by saying AIM is very famous & how it is better than Qld Con. Their attitude while talking about these made me frown upon even more. To be very honestly, I have my LMus and also distinction in LTCL. It really came to me as a surprise that both Syd Con and QLD Con accepted me but not AIM. They are a very big dumper in this case & im not the only classical musician Who experienced this.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Selling dreams for a profit

This institution is a shameless, money grabbing machine, taking advantage of young, naive and well meaning students who wish to learn about music and the music industry. Although the music education itself is well rounded in terms of genres and styles, the most important thing that they do NOT teach you, EVER (on purpose no doubt) is frankly, there is almost no industry to speak of, where you will be working and MAKING BACK your $40,000+ tuition fees/FEE-help debt. They do not teach you or even hint towards the fact that, all of the talented and experienced teachers are only there in the first place PRECISELY BECAUSE the industry is near dead and even these professionals are really scraping by to make ends meet. A regular teaching gig for $50+ an hour is a nice, solid and consistent weekly income even for "the best in the industry".. if these experienced professionals, (who no doubt are well aware of the state of the industry) were to be honest and decent human beings and tell a class room full of fee paying students, what do you suppose would happen to thier $50+ an hour job that they rely on to eat and have a roof over thier heads? What does that tell you about the state of todays music industry and the job/employment prospects once you get out with your piece of paper that cost you 2 or more years of blood, sweat and tears and enough money for a deposit for an apartment? If even these experienced professionals, with talent, skills and industry contacts are struggling in the modern music industry, then why on earth are they accepting LOADS of students, three times a year, with tens of MILLIONS in student fees? what on earth are they all practicing and studying for? In one word this school cares about one thing and one thing only. MONEY. They will not tell you the truth and that is the industry for live music, and live and studio musicians has been more or less dead for well over a decade.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Awesome place to study

AIM has top industry professionals the study is very flexible and can be fast tracked. I made heaps of contacts and it helped launch me into the profession. Its not like normal universities - I was industry ready and have been working ever since.

Pros: good academic reputation, affordable tuition, knowledgeable faculty, great networking opportunities, access to cutting-edge technology, lots of industry contacts

I would recommend to a friend!

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