Australian College of Applied Psychology (ACAP)

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Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1983


Level 5, 11 York Street
New South Wales

Phone: 61 02 9964 6332


I am a current ACAP student. Not because of my choice, but because they are forcing me to continue studying with them even against my will. I received the opportunity of my dreams to study at an excellent university and take the course I love that will give the upgrade on my career much more than my current course at ACAP. I asked ACAP to cancel my current course because I have the opportunity of my life to studying what I love, and they simply denied it. It is so frustrating! I’m very unhappy with studying my current course. I already have some anxiety attacks because I have been with hair-loss because of this stress. Studying at ACAP IS COSTING MY MENTAL HEALTH, AND I STILL HAVE TO PAY A FORTUNE FOR THIS. Unfortunately, a college that offers courses in psychology, human services, among others, does not understand anything about the subject as they are doing this to me! Thank you, ACAP, for ruining my career dream and my mental health

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

If their staff handling applications are an indication, then oh boy.

I applied for a spot in their honours program. Even though my GPA was well above their intake cutoff, I didn't get an offer. The staff member who handled my application didn't realise that my GPA was out of 4, didn't convert it to the 7-point scale they use, and didn't even ask me about the discrepancy between what looked like a "low" GPA and high WAM. Looks like I dodged a bullet though.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

what a joke

The homepage has recently been updated and went from 'technology illiterate' to '2002 myspace'... perhaps in 20 more years, their design crew can match where the University of Adelaide was at 20 years ago. There is no consistency amongst the lecturers and tutors, course outlines or resources, meaning one subject has you looking in the course outline, one has you looking in resources for a specific week and some even separate 'resources' folders that are easy to miss. There are one or two terrible lecturers that have no respect. Ive seen a lecturer reduce a student to tears whilst constantly attacking and arguing with another student, wasting the entire class and not listening to any opinions they disagree with, nor do they try to understand. There are facebook chats amoungst students about how bad specific lecturers are. It is painful because whilst some are terrible, there are others that are wonderful and students feel hurt that nobody is standing up for them. This is a 'shake and bake' degree factory. if you literally just need the piece of paper and dont want to learn anything, you dont mind being insulted and degraded constantly and you arent expecting job prospects, then this college is for you.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Seriously dont do it

After completing another University program, i was looking forward to studying online. Im not a bad student, i try to participate as actively as possible and its normally well-received, There are some incredible lecturers and the course coordinator is amazing, however, normally they are mediocre-to-terrible. This one lecturer is constantly derogatory to others. Im writing this not because they have upset me personally, but because I've had more than ten people come to me upset about the way this person has treated them. Id like to say its all hearsay, but it isn't, ive seen this person constantly tear down others and state "i don't care" whenever someone comments, but then continues to rant most of the lesson about their personal life and accomplishments. Im not joking, i can not just tell you about their thesis, but i can tell you their political persuasion, their opinions on international politics too, several of their former jobs, their bad life experiences, seriously, this person constantly talks about how they are a professional without demonstrating an ounce of professionalism or respect. People have tried reporting them and nothing has been done, leaving students feeling defeated and distressed. There have also been some great lecturers, ones who laugh and have fun, respect you as an adult and want you to contribute to the class, but they are rare. For the most part, it feels like the staff don't like their jobs, they don't like students and they are literally there because options are thin on the ground. Staffing is inconsistent and has a high-turn over.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Appallingly poor standards

I enrolled in a VET course with ACAP after health issues forced me to withdraw from my Masters at a different institution and have been extremely disappointed with the online education process. The student portal and online learning systems are extremely difficult to navigate, and I say this having moved from an online course and having completed postgraduate study 10 years ago which was delivered online The online information regarding student placement was out of date which caused extreme confusion around requirements. The hurdle requirements are ridiculous and excessive. The student administration staff will only call you regarding fees. They only respond via email for any requests for assistance, even if you state that you require a phone call. I would urge anyone considering applying to ACAP to reconsider.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Great teachers, terrible structure

Although I am still studying with ACAP, I would not recommend others to do so. My teachers have been great so far, but the structure for online is terrible. Calling the Adelaide "campus" a "campus" is also a stretch. ACAP does not have their own building, they rent two levels of a high school city building. There have been periods we start workshops hours late, as rooms were double booked with high-school classes. I have also been pushed into courses I haven't done pre-requisites for, even 2 of my counselling subjects have been taken away and I can no longer enrol in them, replaced with broader topics I see no benefit from completing. Last year I was placed into a class by myself, with no other students or lecturers (corrected half way through the trimester) and was hopeful this was a one-off mistake. I am only here writing this because again, I have no access to my counselling lectures or online meetings. I spend $2000+ on a topic without a lecturer for multiple weeks; it is disappointing to say the least. Unless you have other options, do not study a bachelor of counselling through ACAP. I am one to rarely voice opinions online, but the standards ACAP have are too low to ignore. ACAP, do better.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Blatant discrimination and abuse by admin and educators

I made the mistake of completing a grad dip in counselling with this college. After completing previous studies at UNSW I was firstly appalled at the lack of academic standards. However what was worse was the unbelievable abuse and discrimination I faced by admin staff and educators. I've now moved to Melbourne and the placement supervisor is a disgrace. I will definitely NOT complete my placement or qualification with them as It would mean subjecting myself to further humiliation from that bigot. These aren't professionals. They are unprofessional and discriminatory. AVOID THEM if you are a member of the lgbti community.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Exorbitant and not worth it

ACAP has a reputation for being more pricey in comparison to other institutes, so logically it should stand to be higher value as a private institute. However this is not the case, in all of my years with ACAP, the staff have demonstrated ineptitude with their efforts, their qualifications, overall effectiveness. -Psychology is a multidisciplinary field where practitioners are encouraged to have training of multiple psychology approaches, however lecturers will push their own agendas via their own personal approaches. These tendencies meant clashing with syllabuses & students had to cater to the lecturers preferences & to go against marking criteria to appease the lecturers. At times with multiple markers, this meant conflicting feedback or lower marks from the differences in marking preference. -The educators are highly unprofessional. Lecturers have not shown up or forgotten compulsory online tutorial dates without make-up sessions resulting in students having to undertake assessments without vital teaching. They have lacked knowledge of course material & provide substandard efforts in their duties as lecturers. -Due to changes in management & lowered pay, educators & staff give inadequate effort from low morale at the expense of paying students. -Certain units are essentially 'filler' units with little relevance to the field. -In some units students are expected to learn and pass on their own because the lecturer has failed to provide adequate guidance or tutelage. This is at masters level. -Assessments designate specific frameworks to qualify passes, where the allocated frameworks are barely covered in lectures/tutorials/weekly materials. -In comparison to other major universities, material is heavily watered-down. There are many more issues but not enough space to list them all, overall this institute is not worth it and students will regret wasting money, time and effort enrolling in here.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Incredibly dissappointing - Brisbane

If you are able to go to another Uni to study your Bachelor of Counselling I would recommend highly. Since a restructure this year, the assignment requirements and marking criteria are very vague. Add to that, the educators can't even answer assignment questions, and zero care factor from the heads of the university if you offer any feedback. You are in for a disappointing ride. Not to mention the fact they charge $3000 per unit. I wish I had never enrolled with ACAP to do my degree. ACAP make studying on-line extremely difficult, with hurdle requirements 150 - 300 words to be submitted every week which have no weight towards your grade anyway but you will fail if you don't submit. Can't tell you how disappointed I am with them

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

I could not find any useful information on their website

I could not find any useful information on their website just like who is the director for the college and what if I need appeal my assessment who will be contact? there is no any relevant information online. I even do not know who is the head of school. but the good part for ACAP is student can study online or party time

I would NOT recommend to a friend.


Whilst i have found the educators fantastic and the content matter of the course really interesting I would not recommend this course to anyone who is the primary carer of children. Unfortunately there is no flexibility on assignment extensions, even for a week, in the case of children being sick, emergencies over school holidays etc. This has proved a difficulty for me, having to withdraw from one course as they would not grant a 1 week extension. The course is great, but allows for no flexibility.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Rip off education

I regret studying with ACAP. Tried to complete a Diploma of Community Services. They wanted to run their own workshop instead of doing work placement. They held the first one in my local city, but after low numbers they told us we had to travel interstate at our own expense. I tried to lodge medical certificate due to the stress this added on me. I requested alternative options but they ignore all your contact. In the end I tried to get out of it but they just kept charging me. I was charged like $30,000 for this course. I’ve tried complaining and appealing but it take years with them. They think it’s ok to take 8 months to review them. Stay away from this school, they will ruin your life and put you into debt for nothing

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Staff cannot be challenged

I enrolled onto the Bachelors of Counselling through ACAP Melbourne Campus. I found the site itself to be lacking, with dirty toilets and little space for amenities. The main issue, however, was the structure in place in regards to requesting extensions. In one class, an audit took place, resulting in students not receiving the scoring or feedback of their first assignment. Two students received an extension to their second assignment, as they had been waiting for the feedback as assisting their upcoming assignment. I emailed asking for the same courtesy, though received no response. I emailed again at close of business and advised I would work under the assumption that I would be granted the same extension. I received a response the next day advising that my request for an extension had been received as an act of aggression, and further such requests would likely result in my expulsion from the course. Hardly a supporting environment to further study. As such, I'm currently looking to withdraw from the course and transfer to a more supportive University.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Bad experience

I started my Grad diploma in Psychology last year. I was super excited about it and started The course with great aspirations for the future. However, after few weeks, I had to face personal challenges thus put a huge burden on my shoulder in concentrating on my studies. When I encountered this problem it was passed the census date. Thus this was not planned nor deliberate. Anyone with a sensible mind would opt out should you decided, this is not for you. I was genuinely having personal difficulties. On top of this the assignments were given for all three subjects and this stressed me out. When I told the administration they told me to withdraw and you can appeal for special circumstances. But they never told me to defer. So I withdrew my subjects with valid evidence. Then later they refused to refund the money back to HECS and told me to appeal to the tribunal. As a student we don't have that kind of money to do so. This went on for few months. Then I wrote to the ombudsmen. They did not care about it at all they kept on pushing it back and forth to different departments. Now I have huge HECS fee of 7k just for three subjects that I did not gained anything from it. As a tax paying citizen I am disappointed with the system where the system is lazy and decriminative towards the helpless. I feel the education system is corrupt and bullying students knowing that the rules work in their favour. Very disappointed.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

i studied counselling at ACAP

I completed my 3 years counselling degree at ACAP. All the staff and teachers are super supportive and helpful!

I would recommend to a friend!


Firstly, University costs approx $800 per psych unit, ACAP $2000 per unit The Melbourne campus is very poor..i could hear a loud party in the ajoining room as i sat a complex exam. It is small, dated and dingy (old office block) Does not support students who question .. i was part of a very disgruntled class whose discussion forum was closed down by academics. These usually high achieving students were seeking support for their unusually low assignment grades. When the students compared their markers comments, they were similiar...students were marked down for missing tables and hypotheses that were in fact included in their assignments. I studied here for two years and would not recommend it for Bachelor of Psychological Science. I transferred to Deakin University to complete my degree. University could not be worse than ACAP for psychology.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Terrible all about making money not about students welfare

Terrible service tutor not turning up put on wrong course plus many other problems Do not study here (Brisbane campus) They are all about taking your money and nothing else.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Worst educational setting

I would not recommend ACAP or any of their courses. The educators have minimal qualifications and it's all about profit. You don't learn anything. The teachers will pass you because they want retention - so you'll find a lot of international students seeking residency and getting by on 'group assignments'. The educators are performers and entertainers. Mostly white middle class women who are just there for status and their ego. As a company (Navitas Limited), the share holders and illusion of profit is what is important. In reality, hundreds have resigned, there is change management fatigue, low morale, minimum wages, and no career progression or development opportunities what so ever. It's all about who you know and a culture of nepotism. It's a shame that Social Work is being taught in this private college where the accreditation standards are at an extreme low. The head of School is a business woman working part time and only employs people that will cover her incompetencies. I would not recommend the Australian College of Applied Psychology to prospective students, people seeking employment, or anyone in the Human Services Industry considering taking a student for a placement. The degrees are worthless.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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