Webster University, Thailand Campus (WUTC)

มหาวิทยาลัยเว็บสเตอร์ (ประเทศไทย)

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Thailand web rank: 65
Asia web rank: 1313
Global web rank: 4075

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1999


Maneeya Center (E1), 10th Floor, 518/5, Ploenchit Road
Bangkok 10330

Phone: 66 2-652-0705

It's a scam

Stay away, Webster Thailand is all about nepotism. Indian top management with favoritism toward that particular group, and some Pinoys doing much of the work. The joke is on St. Louis.

Cons: poor academic reputation, misleading grading system

I would NOT recommend graduates.

Professors of the university

Webster university has maintained its status of providing quality education with decent professors in the past, but now, it turns out that the university is filled with professors without Ph.D, and Indian professors dominate the top position to select who to teach what without prior consent of the professors. I'd even say it's becoming an indian University because the top Indian management is getting rid of excellent American professors and replacing them with Indian MBA degree holders, not even speak English fluently. So webster is losing its reputation of providing high quality education to students. For the well-being of university, top management should stop playing politics against American Professors in order to maintain its position, otherwise, once the information is exposed to all students, that will be a disaster for the future of the school.

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