University of Bahrain (UOB)

جامعة البحرين

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Type: Public
Established: 1986
Grading system
Sakhir P.O Box 32038
Southern Governorate
Phone: 973 17 876006


If you're an Non Arabic Speaker, DO NOT JOIN UOB.

Unfortunately, I have made a decision to join the University of Bahrain. As a Non Arabic speaker, I realized on my first day that this wasn't going to be a good experience. Most of the classes especially during the first three semesters are taught in Arabic mostly. However, their website says that the language of instruction is "English" which I was fooled with. The semesters that followed have changed a little but the instructors keep mixing Arabic and English which is extremely confusing. There are only a handful of professors who teach completely in English and I highly respect them. The students are encouraged to ask questions in Arabic even in their last year of the University. The explanation especially during the labs is mostly done in Arabic. Not to mention, there is quite a lot of racism as the security guards at the University would mostly target Non Arabs. Some instructors too show signs of racism which in turn can effect your grades if you take action. As a fourth year student, I would highly recommend Non Arabic speaking students to NOT join the University of Bahrain.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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