Universite des Sciences Appliquée et Management (USAM)

University Of AppLied Sciences And Management

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Benin web rank: 13
Africa web rank: 939
Global web rank: 16160

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 2003


Porto-Novo 01 BP 3582

Phone: 229 20-21 -54

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Am Fayemi O.Oluyemisi, I graduated from this great Institution but I have try to link our school on linkedln and other pass student. We need more improvement in School ICT since the School operate on Globalisation. We shall get to top in Education ranking.

Pros: affordable tuition, knowledgeable faculty, great study abroad options

I would recommend to a friend!

The very Best

The school has been an outstanding school in Benin and its neighboring Africa countries.

I would recommend graduates!

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