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Type: Private
Established: 1994
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Thongsook was destroyed by the new admin.

In response to the previous review. The only money that was stolen from the students was by the college itself not the program, More than 60 students had to take the college to court where they won the lawsuit and were able to get refunds from the new program administration who tried to cheat them out of their tuition. As for the students, they were mostly good people, however like the poster before there were some real scumbags who liked to cause trouble and bully people. The first democratically elected student body president was abused by students to the point where he had to go to the hospital due to stress. The new highly unprofessional student body president as well as the fake doctor director, committed crimes and ended up leaving the campus in handcuffs And they now have criminal records for their college related actions. It is likely that the previous poster is also a criminal as many students ended up with criminal records as a result of their Illegal activities and a criminal behavior. The original program administration had no issues legal or otherwise. It is a shame that the people who ruined the program are continuing to destroy the reputation of a once great program.

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Most Excellent

Great Place to study, friendly admin who actually help you when it matters. Student body are also friendly too. Studied in the International Program and met some really good people like myself. The only negative part was the old admin. Corrupt and stole students money, and even blackmailed students. They are now playing their tricks at another place, so good luck to them. They did have a Students Council, who worked well. The Student President however was nuts. We will leave that there.

I would recommend to a friend!

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