Texas A & M University

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Texas web rank: 2
North America web rank: 43
Global web rank: 71

General Information

Type: Public
Year of Establishment: 1871
Endowment (US$): 7 billion


College Station 77843
United States

Phone: 979-845-3211


Great Academics

This is a large public university and there were hundreds of majors to choose from. Although it is a big school, some departments are much smaller so you can still have the big-university experience, but with a small classroom size. I was an Environmental Studies major and I really loved my program, which was filled with opportunities. It was easy to get to know my professors and there are a lot of great networking opportunities for the geosciences field. The professors take the time to work individually with students when needed and help prepare them for whatever steps they wish to take in the future.

Pros: good academic reputation, great networking opportunities, Safe, Sprots

Cons: Poor party/nightlife, Bad parking

I would recommend to a friend!

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