Tabor College

Other/Former Names: The House of Tabor
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Australia web rank: 85
Oceania web rank: 109
Global web rank: 10550

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1979


181 Goodwood Road
Millswood 5034
South Australia

Phone: 61 8 8373 8777

A Prestigious University Experience

Tabor genuinely cares about their students. And I’ve personally found that their faculty have thoroughly set me up for success (in what I could only describe as a really “well-rounded way”). From developing time-management skills (in those early days when, I was first ‘finding my bearings’), to planning action research studies (in my later days); my lecturers coached us through it all. Tabor somehow manages to effectively balance the latest, proven and effective learning theories with (many, really practical) opportunities to learn (and grow). (I mean, how many B.Ed. students could say that they’ve worked with 5-7 different schools over the duration of their undergraduate degree?) I hear it all the time, professionals complain that the newly uni graduate (seemingly) has all of the theoretical knowledge in the world, but yet, they lack experience. They complain that their knowledge is disconnected from reality because, well, they’ve stuck their heads in a text book for the last 4+ years… And I get it, there's a whole world of academia, and it certainly plays a crucial role. I mean, at Tabor, we do copious amounts of research, but we do so much more too. And the incredible thing is, that our area of expertise, branches out into other fields that provide us with a richer and more solid (and broad) grounding. We always knew our lecturers would push us darn hard, but they also gave us the scaffolding we needed (and in failing that, if there ever were an occasion, we knew they still had our back). I loved the smaller environment and everyone was always lovey. I’m sad to say my goodbyes now! I highly recommend Tabor to anyone considering a Humanities degree.

Pros: good academic reputation, affordable tuition, knowledgeable faculty, beautiful campus, great networking opportunities, challenging courses, access to cutting-edge technology

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