Stenden University Qatar

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Type: Private
Established: 2005
Grading system
Al-Jeleait Street
Bin Omran
Doha P.O. Box 36037
Phone: 974 44888116


Great staff, great support

I would strongly recommend this university. The atmosphere and the lecturers are amazing! I have learned so much by studying here.

I would recommend to a friend!

Most corrupted University

The people who run the place are cocky, racist, ignorants and stingy, it asks for 60K per year for BS education. Most corrupted University, they only choose a certain ethnicity of people to pass.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Bad experience

It initially seemed good but when I started going there, it was terrible. Library is so small, there are no comfortable place where you can sit and study with friends. Some teachers (especially a certain male senior teacher)are biased and prefer certain races, even if it may not seem obvious they are nicer to some students (race wise) than others. The whole campus is small with moral-less students.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Worst mistake

This is the worst uni ever. Teachers take everything personally and are rude at times because all the good ones left due to not getting a decent pay which is shocking considering how much fees they take from students. Internet/wifi is shit. You are forced to take subjects you don’t like and cannot drop any.The campus is so small with tiny parking space, to matters worse there is a school opened right next to it so now you need to park very far.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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