Primeasia University (PAU)

প্রাইম এশিয়া বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়

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Bangladesh web rank: 89
Asia web rank: 4444
Global web rank: 15473

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 2002


12, Kemal Ataturk Avenue
Banani 1213

Phone: 880-2-8853386

my experience with primeasia university

primeasia university is one of the few private universities that provides proper education. its best department is the textile engineering. it has the best lab(weaving lab, knitting lab, yarn lab,wet processing lab & textile testing + quality control lab) set is probably the best textile department of all the privates. as student we are always provided with the best facilities. besides pharmacy department is doing good. i think it is going to be the best private university soon after 10 years .

Pros: good academic reputation, affordable tuition, knowledgeable faculty

Cons: poorly maintained campus

I would recommend to a friend!

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