I-Shou University (ISU)


Other/Former Names: Kaohsiung Polytechnic Institute (高雄工學院)
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Taiwan web rank: 22
Asia web rank: 179
Global web rank: 844

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1986


No.1, Sec. 1, Syuecheng Rd.
Dashu District 84001

Phone: 886-7-6577711

Profit-driven sub-mediocre private university

I-Shou is all about quantity: keeping student numbers up in order to let the dollars flow in. Teachers are demotivated because of unreasonable pressure: they are scored on a points system for anything they do, including calling parents of high school students to convince them to send their son or daughter to this school. Must be the only university in the world where teachers have to compete (in volume) with a nearby theme park owned by the same group responsible for the university. Avoid.

Pros: low cost of living, friendly colleagues

Cons: long work hours, high stress, office politics, lack of transparency

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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