Harvard University

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Massachusetts web rank: 1
North America web rank: 2
Global web rank: 2

General Information

Type: Private
Year of Establishment: 1636
Endowment (US$): 32 billion


Massachusetts Hall
Cambridge 02138
United States

Phone: 617-495-1000


Not a challenge

While it was a challenge to get into Harvard, it was not as much of a challenge staying there. I quickly found out that professors are mostly focused on research, and do not care as much about students. This was disappointing enough that I considered transferring to another school, but making the right connections is still worth it. Some individuals you'll meet are self-centered and arrogant. Others are friendly and sensible. Consider that reputation is not everything, and that other universities may offer more than Harvard in the areas where it matters, such as acquiring knowledge.

Pros: good academic reputation, beautiful campus, great networking opportunities

Cons: expensive, faculty focused on research

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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