Eesti Ettevõtluskõrgkool Mainor (EEK)

Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences ( EUAS)

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Type: Private
Established: 1992
Grading system
Suur-Sõjamäe 10A
Phone: 372 610 1900


PLEASE avoid this school

PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR FUNDS coming to this university. I lived in Estonia for years and I'm aware of the atrocities this university creates. Its one of the worst university you would ever consider with low quality tutors. They are just after your money. They treat foreign students like shit and ensure majority of the students do not graduate. I've heard of stories of the school thesis panel refusing to pass international students and creating issues as regards their stay in Estonia. Obviously, they are trying to prove to the government that the university is not an easy migration channel for foreign students to come into the country. And the SCAPE GOAT will be you the foreign students.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Avoid this scam school

I'm a software architect in one of the biggest companies in Estonia, Bolt. And I didn't get that job by studying in this college but rather, dropping out of it. The lecturers are not professional, nor are they well qualified or updated in their respective fields. There's a lot of bureaucratic procedures with little to no gains for the student. Skip this one and and find something else in Estonia if it must be Estonia. Almost anything else is a better choice.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Do not go this school

First of all, I did not like education quality.Secondly, lecturers behaviors was not so nice with foreign students. They mostly behaved like you are a potential fugitive suspect because you are foreigner. Additionally, please do not believe that "work hours are not restricted for students". In EUAS, you have to come to lectures every day between 10- 2 pm. Somehow, they designed a schedule which you cannot work full time. Attendance was %100 a must like an elementary school at least during my time. My comments about Estonia;Life is not so easy as you read in websites. Salaries are not well enough in general. Finding job is not easy either. If you are lucky, you can get it by chance. Because there is not much English speaking jobs, but there is high demand. Because there are lots of foreign students same as you. If you learn Estonian, then it will be much easier. Also, Finding rent is impossible. Landlords do not want to rent out foreign people who does not speak Estonian or Russian. I had a Nigerian friend, she could not find a rental for 3 months. Finally a Finnish landlord who has rental in Estonia accepted her. Finnish people are more open in that sense. I would recommend to go schools in UK or schools in more open culture countries. EUAS is also very expensive. 2 years Master degree is around 10.000 Euro. 1 year master in UK is basically same amount. At least, in those countries, people are used to the foreign people and believe me they will not stare you at street because you have different skin color. My friends told me local people does not sit near of them in the bus, probably because they have darker skin color. Maybe because of Soviet times, they are very closed and conservative and not welcome with something different If you do not have a chance then go with EUAS, but be prepared what kind of behavior you will face with and try to learn Estonian maybe life will be easier. Good l

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Poor Quality - No Standards

I was an Erasmus student for a semester here and I'm lucky in that regard that I'm not a full-time student there. The school looks promising online, their website and course descriptions look great until classes actually start. The lecturers aren't qualified at all none of them are full time lecturers either which upon itself isn't an issue but 90% doesn't know how to teach, what to teach or how to convey their course content which is bare bone already. Next, the administration is a nightmare. Faculty members respond slow (+1 week to answer an email) or not at all even. Grading is also a joke, there are no standards about what makes a task a good task. Exams are not even exams they are like high school tests. Cheating is prevalent and lecturers just don't seem to care. Please reconsider if you're thinking about choosing this school. Fees are high at around 5000€ per year as well. There are better schools in Estonia and Tallinn.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

EUAS offers their students the best possible entrepreneurship training!

EUAS rightly claims "We are a university of entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs and for (future) entrepreneurs." They make sure to support you with visiting lecturers, regular informal meetups and internships. The faculty is very friendly, and very supportive. Moreover, being in the middle of Ülemiste City, is a lot of fun.

I would recommend to a friend!

My experience with EUAS

EUAS is located in the heart of the city with world class faculty. People are super nice in estonia and are willing to help. There's plenty to do in Tallinn and can't get over this city. There's plenty of internship and working opportunity in this city which is promoted by the university.

I would recommend to a friend!

Non-academic, Possibly fraudulent.

After 4 months at Eesti Mainor it was clear to me that I was wasting my time. It was known by the students as "The visa factory" as it s not seen as a academic institution but rather a place for foreign students to secure a TRP in return for a few thousand euros. The university boasts a variety of useless programming which consists of often middle school level assignments given. Due to the poor nature of the selection process, the students can not benefit from an intelligent peer group. Under no circumstances do I recommend this school.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Poor education system, not an university standard

Staff and lectures do not have the guidance they need to operate as an effective care and education team towards students. Poor teaching practices and ineffective students management strategies result in students who appear bored and frustrated, wasting money in huge fees and whose learning needs are not being met. The university is unlikely to improve its standard of education and care without a major influx of trained and capable lecturers. The university has only couple of qualified lectures,lack of professional support, mentoring and development is having a negative impact on the university ability to provide appropriate education and care for students, For an example, university appointed as MBA Program leader Mr Aminul who have limited understanding or experience or communication skills of teaching proper business education. Overall review: 1. only one or two lecturers having any knowledge of the purpose of university education. 2. poorly written assessments, mostly describing participation and activities and with little analysis of students learning 3. a lack of strategies and systems to support students 4.Students being assessed as a group rather than as individuals 5.a lack of higher-level professional academic discussion 6. Lecturers failing to see opportunities In students 7. Poor quality in every sense and huge study costs

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

Poor education quality

I have never left a negative review in my life but I do realize that this is not a Standard quality of a university and people need to know so they don’t waste time & money in false education. I think that you can expect some sort of standard when you go to an university. Unfortunately, the standard at this university is awfully poor. Where do I start? False marketing about study programs, and asking huge tuition fees from student, lecturers are not even professional or neither fully qualified to teach. So racist behaviour to foreign students, oh how bad experience a university could give you. Everything they market about their education system is false. It’s just a money making process. There is a weird Lecturer call Aminul, can’t even communicate with students properly and this guy is lecturing students for MBA without having any business education, knowledge or working background 🤨 If anyone studying to planning in Tallinn, there is much better institutions with excellent quality of education.

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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