Dubai Medical College for Girls (DMCG)

كلية دبي الطبية

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Type: Private
Established: 1985
Grading system
Al Muhaisanah1,Al Mizhar
Dubai ( دبي )
United Arab Emirates
Phone: 971 4 2646465


Mixed experience

Pros: 1) Very helpful professors, take a lot of time out to pay attention to individual student 2) Style of teaching and lectures are superb. Practicals are very good as well. Labs are well maintained. 3) Hostel is just adjacent to the University 4) Clinicals is in Rashid Hospital 5) Very methological style of education with emphasis on all subjects 6) Very cheap hostel Cons: 1) Poor extracurricular 2) No attention given to sports 3) Lack of cadavers to practise anatomy lab on 4) Library timings are very bad. They need to be extended till after college hours as a student can't use library during classes, obviously 5) Lack of proper, dedicated student lounge 6) Overexpensive canteen 7) Lack of on campus amenities like ATM 8) Unnecessary restrictions on movement of students

I would recommend to a friend!

Worst college

I've spent the worst 5 years of my life in this college in which the first 2 and a half is all study stress in which you don't get time to love like a normal individual and Thebes's girls are the most unfair in which they keeping signing for each other and keep fighting over silly and stupid reasons. The final 2 years you will not only be facing with studies but also with girl drama in which the girls always have the energy to fight. Not only that but also even if you attended every single day of the course while half of the class is missing , they still get higher grades than you which is very unfair of this college. Even if the girls threaten you and boss you over no reason they still won't do anything because this is the most careless , unfair and unorganized college. They are also the most racist people in which Indians and Pakistani act like they are high levels so they can boss anyone around and no one can do anything about it. So, I would recommend you not to even think about entering this college because half of your life and energy will be gone over useless stress from fights and drama and extra stress from the studies.

Pros: Nothing

Cons: poor academic reputation, expensive, unhelpful advisors, poorly maintained campus, limited networking opportunities, hard to register for classes, unfair faculty/instructors, outdated technology

I would NOT recommend to a friend.

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